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Dalmatian Linckia Starfish Reef Safe
Dalmatian Linckia Starfish Reef Safe

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The Dalmatian Linckia is one of the easier to keep starfish, as they are not as sensitive to changes in pH, temperature, and salinity changes as the other Linckias. They are completely reef safe and well suited for for a reef or a fish-only aquarium.

They should be introduced to a well
established aquarium as they will eat bacterial films and sponges. Supplemental feedings of a marine meaty diet is not enough to sustain them.

Starfish are intolerant of sudden changes in oxygen levels, salinity and pH of the water, and cannot tolerate copper-based medications. Extra care and time should be taken acclimating this starfish and the drip acclimation method is highly recommended for all Starfish.

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